Tangerine Dream live in concert at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium during the Moogfest 2011.

It’s end of October, the 28th, 2011, 8 pm – a night to remember for many fans – a lot of them already in funny Halloween costumes - who turned up at Moogfest especially for the Tangerine Dream performance at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, NC. American, Canadian as well as British TD fans have such a loyal connection to the energy of a TD concert that it is even for the band themselves always a breathtaking experience.

Now in their 44th year after the name Tangerine Dream appeared first time in public, one could assume that the musical energy has probably slowed down, but it is the opposite, a bundle of energetic rhythms, sounds and lead lines will accompany you through a night of a remarkable live experience. The concert has been exclusively recorded by the NPR (National Public Radio/USA). But now you will hear the real thing – as human as it was but with a significantly improved mix!! TD also added a BONUS track which they unfortunately couldn’t perform as the festival was subject to enormous time pressure. Enjoy the “Knights of Asheville”- another chapter of a European musical legend.


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Tangerine Dream - Knights of Asheville (2011)


StatusLive Album
Recording dateOctober 28, 2011
Release dateDecember 6, 2011
Playing time02:05:45
All Music byEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Paul Haslinger, Thorsten Quaeschning

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01. Marmontel Riding On A ClefMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:08:14 add to cart€ 1.99
02. Hoël Dhat The AlchemistMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:06:16 add to cart€ 1.99
03. Serpent MagiqueMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:07:59 add to cart€ 0.99
04. Carmel CalifMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:07:53 add to cart€ 0.99
05. Sunshift (Moonmother´s Mix)MP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:07:29 add to cart€ 1.99
06. Living In EternityMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:03:58 add to cart€ 0.99
07. Asheville SunriseMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:09:07 add to cart€ 1.99
08. Restless MindMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:05:40 add to cart€ 0.99
09. One Night In SpaceMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:06:47 add to cart€ 1.99
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01. Hunter Shot By A Yellow RabbitMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:10:19 add to cart€ 1.99
02. The Evening Before EasterMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:03:55 add to cart€ 0.99
03. Dream Phantom Of The Common ManMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:06:23 add to cart€ 1.99
04. Long Island SunsetMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:07:01 add to cart€ 1.99
05. Stratosfear ´95MP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:08:47 add to cart€ 0.99
06. Cloudburst FlightMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:09:05 add to cart€ 1.99
07. Darkness Veiling The NightMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:09:07 add to cart€ 1.99
08. Edgar´s Closing WordsMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:03:49 add to cart€ 0.00
09. View From A Distant Star (Bonus)MP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:03:56 add to cart€ 1.99
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