This CD was an addition to Edgar Froese's printed autobiography 'Force Majeure'.

The two tracks Green Summer Clouds is a completely new track of about 18 min composed by Edgar Froese and Thorsten Quaeschning, as well is Reaching Ravenna of more than 15 min. Meteor is a beautiful track by Edgar alone, so far unreleased and Nemesis is another solo track by Edgar, edited by Ulrich Schnauss.

Enjoy a wonderful album of TD music while reading the autobiography!

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Tangerine Dream - Light Flux CD (2017)


StatusStudio Album
Release dateSeptember 26, 2017
All Music byEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Thorsten Quaeschning

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01. Green Summer CloudsMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:17:50 add to cart€ 2.99
02. MeteorMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:06:38 add to cart€ 1.99
03. Tyger 2013MP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:06:07 add to cart€ 0.99
04. Reaching RavennaMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:15:04 add to cart€ 2.99
05. NemesisMP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:09:04 add to cart€ 1.99
06. Logos 2014MP3 track, 320 kbit/s 00:06:19 add to cart€ 0.99
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